Mac Cleaner junkware

Mac Cleaner successfully qualifies as junkware and potentially unwanted program (PUP). It might also display traits of activities inherent is spyware, adware, a browser hijacker.

Super Mac Cleaner website

Super Mac Cleaner website

Vendors of Mac Cleaner do not expect many, if any, users installing their product deliberately. They deploy massive propagation campaigns exploiting drive-by downloads and similar schemes. These methods are not quite illegal, but IT security tends to consider them as infection vectors.

Examples of such infiltration scheme include the installation of freeware, in particular, Adobe Flash Player updates, FileZilla, MPlayerX, 7 zip from unverified publishers. The programs in question themselves are fairly legit and offer true functionality that their users appreciate. However, their publishers conceal unwanted and dangerous contents in their download and installation routines. A typical user would not uncheck boxes which are pre-checked by default and would not examine advanced installation options. That is to say, the adware installation formally obtains user’s consent as expressed in such a ticked box or specified in the concealed section of End User License Agreement (EULA).

Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus

Upon landing on its host Mac device, the software reports to its remote server. The information includes the identity of the compromised device and other details. This is a clear sign of privacy violation and spying behavior. It is good to remove Mac Cleaner as soon as possible. If your security suite flagged this threat, get rid of Mac Cleaner junkware at once. An early response may prevent the unwanted transfer of your private and sensitive information, let alone the installation of adware and its follow-up noise and interference.

Where the malware manages to get installed, it proceeds with its tricky, fake scan. The activity is rather a showcase than a report on actual risks. While the misleading scan notifies you of intentional false positives, true privacy and security issues do proliferate.

The GUI provided by Mac Cleaner virus looks fairly nice. It offers an array of functionalities within the following categories: File Managers, Utilities, Cleaners. Needless to say, nothing of that really works. Well, it does work by faking detection of all kind of issues. Misleading reports scare users into thinking their devices actually swarm with all kinds of viruses, malware, rootkits, performance and privacy and other issues.

Indeed, where you observe such popups there is one critical issue. Its name is Mac Cleaner virus or junkware. Your instructions for the removal of Mac Cleaner malware are available below.

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